This is a good interview with CAE board member Cameron Tousi. In addition to his role as Founder and Managing Partner at the intellectual property law firm ILLP, Cameron hosts a great podcast.

You can listen to the full podcast here.

“Enter Rick Terrien. A lifelong entrepreneur, Rick has written Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age. You see, 1/2 of startups today are founded by people aged 45 – 64, and the biggest growth is for 55 – 64-year-olds.

Having achieved many of his own successes, Rick is looking to transition the over 45 to start their own businesses. This is especially timely with COVID 19 pressures for this age group.

And Rick has enormous credibility as a lifelong entrepreneur. In fact, before personal computers were widespread, Rick’s startup hacked ink chemistry to produce custom banners. Talk about successful. His customers included 75% of the Fortune 500 in the U.S., most colleges and universities, United Way and all the major non-profits!

Possessing subject matter expertise in regional food systems, today Rick leads startup activities in the food space.

Rick’s also very excited about his recent incubation activities for the over-45 demographic at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.  Their Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator is starting a Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs, and Rick is leading the charge. Let’s wish Rick well in this incredibly important new venture, and help if we can!

What a great way to connect and help new entrepreneurs starting as their second career, and say bye-bye to ageism!”