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Principal/Executive Sales Coach at MYB2BCOACH, LLC & Founder of CEO Peer Boards

With MyB2BCoach, we help companies ramp and onboard salespeople using a unique combo of strategy, alignment and deliberate practice using our AI software. Our clients always see a drastic difference in results.

With CEO Peer Boards, I source, screen and select CEO's to join peer advisory groups where we can help each other solve our key challenges and learn from each other's mistakes. Having 9 businesses over 25 years, I believe every CEO should belong to a peer advisory group.

Passionate Executive Coach, Sales Coach and Entrepreneur. I get a charge out of helping other biz owners and managers transform and scale their businesses and gain more fulfillment from their success.

Twenty-five years owning and managing businesses, as a founder, leader/operator, buyer and seller. Expert at taking businesses to the next level by applying successful strategies for sales and marketing, operational efficiency and aligning culture.


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