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OUR MISSION: Our mission is to serve, educate, and enable entrepreneurship in the second half of life.


OUR VALUES: Sustainable, open, and inclusive.


OUR GOALS: Create networks and knowledge supporting ageless entrepreneurs.


OUR STORY:  The Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs was co-founded by Rick Terrien and Dr. John Golden.  Rick is a lifelong entrepreneur and the author of Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age.  John is an attorney and director of the Sustainable Enterprise Accelerator at Slippery Rock University.



Our board members and director are all working entrepreneurs, with decades of experience across multiple markets.

Chair:  Laurie Barkman

Vice Chair:  Cameron Tousi

Secretary Treasurer:  Dr. John Golden.

CAE Director:

Rick Terrien

Rick's book:  Ageless Startup: Start a Business at Any Age  (Opens in a new tab)



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