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Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs

A business development hub for entrepreneurs in the second half of life


We are experienced, working entrepreneurs looking to grow our enterprises.  Welcome.

Did you know that the majority of startups in the U.S. are launched by people over 45?

Did you know that the vast majority of businesses in the U.S. are one-person enterprises?

Did you know that one of the greatest detriments to starting or growing a new enterprise is not knowing enough entrepreneurs?

If you are an entrepreneur in the second half of life we have an online home for you.*    Meet new peers, introduce your services, discover new projects, and be discovered yourself!

If you are new to this kind of entrepreneurship, we have free resources available to explore. 

Welcome to the Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs.  We enable entrepreneurship in the second half of life.


* The CAE is organized as a 501c3 non-profit organization.

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From Our Blog..

Succession Stories podcast with Laurie Barkman

I had a great conversation with CAE board Chair Laurie Barkman recently regarding ageless entrepreneurship. Laurie hosts a great podcast called Succession Stories. Laurie Barkman:  “Now is an unprecedented time.  Maybe its time to focus on your ‘what’s next’… and also an opportunity to support what comes next for our economy and our communities.” Laurie is a…

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The Podcast with Cameron Tousi

This is a good interview with CAE board member Cameron Tousi. In addition to his role as Founder and Managing Partner at the intellectual property law firm ILLP, Cameron hosts a great podcast. You can listen to the full podcast here. “Enter Rick Terrien. A lifelong entrepreneur, Rick has written Ageless Startup: Start a Business…

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Ageless Startup: Start an enterprise that represents your values, your goals, and your legacy.

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Older Americans Are Facing Massive Unemployment During COVID-19 Pandemic

The Takeaway did an excellent overview of current issues facing older workers trying to re-enter the traditional job market during pandemic times. Entrepreneurship can offer an alternative, but you need to get going. Everything takes longer than you want. Start right now. Listen to / read the story here.

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Podcast introduction to the CAE

I had a great conversation with Callum Laing at Callum Connects recently.   I got to introduce our Center for Ageless Entrepreneurs (CAE): A peer-to-peer business development network for people in the second half of life.   Callum’s micro podcasts are short.  This is just over 3 minutes, but a good description of our focus for the…

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What others are saying about this work...


"Entrepreneurship provides an exciting new career for millions of older Americans; one they would never have anticipated growing up in a world that presumed people’s work life would end at 65. Rick Terrien has provided a fabulous roadmap on how to approach this new chapter in life. His brilliant Ageless Startup is a handbook for how to shape your future, so your most rewarding work lies ahead — work that benefits you and makes a difference in the lives of countless others. A must for career planning for anyone over forty!"

--- Carl Schramm, former president of the Kauffman Foundation, author of Burn the Business Plan, serial entrepreneur, active venture investor, and professor at Syracuse University

"Ageless Startup focuses on a critically important but often ignored topic which is the emerging "next career" for a growing segment of our population - the 40-65 age cohort.  There is much to learn about the ongoing journey of entrepreneurship that knows no boundaries, no age limits or no career/life stage barriers."

--- Audrey J. Murrell, Ph.D., Professor and Dean of University of Pittsburgh, Honors College

"Ageless Startup takes Rick Terrien's decades of entrepreneurial know-how and channels it into a guide to help other "ageless innovators" on their journey."   

--- Eunice Lin Nichols, vice president and Gen2Gen co-chair,

"Real-world wisdom and guidance show how to galvanize your life experience and finally break the wheel of discontentment." 

--- Dave Kwasnick, Nature educator.  American Advertising Federation national award winner. 



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